The Amish Connection

The Amish, a culture within our society that believes and lives a much different way of life. Simple, basic and sustainable. I have learned that Amish is a religion, meaning that Amish is the identifier of their religion, just no different than a Christian or of the Jewish faith. Being Amish is a more challenging way of life, limited with regard to the technology they use. All of you reading this would wonder in amazement how they can live without a car, truck, phone, a computer or even a TV. Their children go to schools local to them, no electricity, no running water and they heat their living spaces in the winter with wood. Wood that is cut and split by hand, no chain saws or hydraulic splitters. The only “modern technology” some of them do use the internal combustion motor to drive pumps for water and their metal and wood working equipment, also some farm equipment that is gas powered yet still drawn by horses.

engine powered machine pulled by draft horses

The Amish to me were only the people who road around in horse drawn buggies. More of a site to see than anything else, they were always giving a friendly wave as I zoomed by them in my truck or car, but speaking with them or any interaction never happened until I started beekeeping.

Roadside stand selling items made by their hands
That’s me wearing an Amish Hat

On this next picture, zoom in on it, look closely at the barn. That barn had burned down 4 days ago. Every Amish man in the local community dropped what they were doing (including my hive maker) and turned out to help. I learned a lot that day about the human condition and the power of community. Again as you look at this amazement of humanity realize that no phones nor motorized vehicles were used by the Amish. Only the saw mills that cut the lumber used engines to drive them.

Barn Raising
Community Culture Help thy neighbor

So how to define the Amish as such wonderful people? Friendly, helpful, faithful, sensable, a community that lives simply within their means. A group who believes very differently from you who are reading this.

Levi’s Shop

Hive Sawmill
Buggy and ice-house
The driveway to Americana Hive shop

In the beginning, of our endeavor

Getting Busy
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