The Americana Hiving System

Americana Hiving System

Americana Queen Rearing System

& Simplified Expandable NUCs

Hive Advantages

 Americana Hiving System vs Established Langstroff System of Growing Bees.

Weather Independents

Weather is a big factor in the business of Beekeeping.  Other Countries have developed systems that can defeat the weather which dates back to the 18th century when the first modern beekeeping manual was written in Slovenia, by Anton Jansa (1734-1773).

The Americana Hiving System incorporates the best of two systems, the larger size of the frames as used by Langstroff coupled with the protection, ease and accessibility of the Slovenian style hive.  The Americana Hiving System is designed to be either outside or INSIDE a larger structure.  Either the window of a house or an additional “Hiving Shed ” is used to house the hives out from the weather.  With an indoor installation such as the window of a house, you are almost completely weather independent, the only limiting factor for “working the hive” would  be the outside temperature. With that said, the envelope of temperature and weather conditions you are able to open an indoor Americana Hiving System for inspection is much larger than you are able to open an outdoor Langstroff Stack Of Boxes. (SOB)  For routine inspections and feeding, there are no weather limitations with an Americana Hiving System TM.  Rain, snow and temperature are no longer an issue when opening an indoor Americana Hive.

So the decision for me was, inside or outside

I opted for the inside

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